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E-Portfolio IT

My progress with this subject.

Following are the organized, purposeful collection of my work where by i display my knowledge, understanding, skills, accomplishment, interest and achievement that i have over this module for last two and half years.

First year.

During first year i went through immense study of Ms word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher. That really helped me in increase of my skills in the field of  Microsoft office. More over I learned HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language), introducing to scripting.


Second year:
course of studies are:
Database Management (Ms Access)
Web page designing,

Third year:
Course of studies:

First Semester

Instructional Design

  download original


(Sample Design of  JavaScript activity)Download original document

Change position with JavaScript Download

JavaScript New Document Method Download

Javascript Event handler Download

Second Semester

EIT 3510


Poster Design old (Designed in Adobe Flash CS3)

Poster Design New (Designed in Adobe Photoshop CS2)

Video tutorial With Camtasia Studio

 Power Point Presentation With Camtasia Studio

EIT 3509 (Adobe Flash)

My Works in Adobe Flash CS3

Rain Download

Assignment I


Assignment II


Assignment III

Downloadable soon