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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I found that blogging is one of the efficient way to share our knowledge, show our achievements and learn more.

In this blog, I am presenting my achievements in ICT module from year 2009 onwards.
You will find my works/achievements in the E-portfolio IT tab. Some more works will be added to this page with progression in time.

I have been teaching for one year and got lots of experiences and lessons.


  1. done a great job,but i know that you have the potential to do much much better than that.

  2. it was a treat for my eyes, going through your blog. it really inspired me to do the same. i would suggest you to change your background theme. it is good though.

  3. Hi mr karma can you help in avoiding spaces between image and text in blog. i am finding difficult in doing that: i have tried with html coding also and even croped the image but did`t work!
    your help will be highly appreciated!

  4. Thanks Mr,Karma will do as you said and hope you will keep on giving some more comments in future too. thank you very much.